Place your holiday orders early! Harvest begins mid-November 2019!


Our Mandarins

Orchard Information

 Our Mandarins are the great tasting, seedless Satsuma mandarins. We have three varieties of Satsumas on the property, and the Owari mandarins are the variety we ship in our gift packages. They are very sweet, easy to peel, and excellent for eating or juicing. All of our mandarins are tree-ripened, hand-picked, and shipped the day they come off the tree. We do not use any artificial ripeners, and do not refrigerate our fruit. 


Year after year, the Mt. Ida Mandarin Ranch has been the source for bags of mandarins and great holiday gift packages.  The holiday season can be a stressful time of year for most, and it can be difficult to find a creative gift to ship to a friend or family member living far away. We pride ourselves on the quality of our mandarins and efficiency of processing our customers' orders.

Bags and gift boxes of mandarins are available for purchase at our packing house in Oroville, CA or gift boxes can be purchased online and shipped nationwide.  Each package of mandarins is carefully packed with the highest quality fruit from the orchard.  The mandarins are tree ripened for best flavor, and near flawless condition.  Each box includes a greeting card with the recipient's name and the personal message from the sender.  The back of the greeting card includes recommended care instructions for the mandarins. 


 Fundraising for Schools, Non-Profits, and Sports Clubs is fun and easy with Mt. Ida Mandarins!

Each mandarin season, November - December, Mt. Ida Mandarins works with schools and non-profit groups to organize fundraisers that allow them to quickly and easily raise funds for their organizations.